Case Study 1

Enrich your decision-making process

with a complete picture of your data.

You're probably familiar with the struggle of having a comprehensive vision of your business sometimes, aren't you?

Do you know if your marketing channels are effective? Do you have a good balance between earnings and costs? Do you take full advantage of your data measurement platforms for a straightforward, data-driven decision-making process?

These are some of the concerns Pima Solar had before contacting us.

Why Dynamic Data?

Multidisciplinary team that came together to offer a comprehensive service

A rare combination of
technical abilities and
interpersonal skills

Fully customized service,
adaptable to the
client's needs

About Pima Solar

Industry: Construction

Lines of business: Solar Panels and Roofs


Pima Solar is a local company owned and operated out of Southern Arizona. They truly care about their client's projects and can help by showing the different options available and helping them choose what makes the most sense for their specific goals.

Pima Roofing & Solar handles a wide range of roofing and construction services, including roof repair, new roof installation, hail damage, storm damage, and fire damage restoration, among others.

The process

The goal

Connect the tools to make data-driven decisions

The client came to us with the need to connect data from the multiple Software platforms they were using for their daily operations. They wanted to understand the user journey and marketing sources' effectiveness to facilitate the decision-making process.

"I run a solar energy company and we are growing rapidly. I am running most of the business analytics out of custom Google sheets I have developed because I can not find a software that is configured for what I would like to track. I am hoping to build a custom dashboard or software program that can use the sheets and data I have built within Google Analytics to run custom reports and track important KPIs within the company."

Jake Martin

Co-founder & CEO at Pima Solar

The stack

The company used 3 unrelated measurement tools: CallFire (calls), Go High Level (leads), and JobNimbus (sales). We defined a user-singular characteristic across platforms to connect these tools to close the user's full path from the first call to the last service completed.

The results

Full integration of the user journey for complete visibility of the process.

Less time spent identifying users/sales statuses.

Higher levels of understanding of the tools from the client’s side, which translated into a more efficient use of them.

A deeper understanding and easy visibility of the data stored on the different tools.


Jake Martin

Co-founder & CEO at Pima Solar

"The dashboards delivered by the Dynamic Data team exceeded my expectations. I was able to get clarity on data I didn't even realize I could get."