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We are a multidisciplinary team that came together to offer a comprehensive service with a rare combination of technical abilities, business knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

Gonzalo Prinzi red arrow up
Data levels all arguments
Gonzalo Prinzi
Business Intelligence Analyst
Eduardo Pucheta red arrow up
Your website is not just a digital brochure - it's a revenue-generating machine waiting to be optimized
Eduardo Pucheta
Digital Marketing Analytics Specialist & Web Developer
Victoria Gallerano red arrow up
Tell me what you sell, and I will tell you what Data challenges you have
Victoria Gallerano
Founder & BI Consultant
Luciana Ramos red arrow up
Bringing finance and analytics together to drive growth and maximize profits
Luciana Ramos
Business Intelligence & Finance Analyst
Leandro Griboff red arrow up
Fighting marketing attribution challenges since 2013
Leandro Griboff
Analytics Engineer & Marketing Analytics Specialist
Martin Ingolingo red arrow up
"SELECT 'help you to success' AS result FROM your_data FULL JOIN me;
Martin Ingolingo
Analytics Engineer
Pablo Mermet red arrow up
it's not only about finding the right answer, but rather about asking the right questions.
Pablo Mermet
Project Manager & Digital Marketing Tracking Specialist
Yamile Massuh red arrow up
Tableau Mysteries Uncovered
Yamile Massuh
Data Analyst & Tableau Visualization Specialist
Veronica Tardivo red arrow up
Start small, think big.Trust the process.
Veronica Tardivo
Analytics & Data Quality Engineer
Rodrigo Bobadilla red arrow up
Data is a story that's waiting to be told
Rodrigo Bobadilla
Analytics Engineer & Machine Learning Specialist
Matías N. Zanatta Scattolini red arrow up
A person without data is just another person with an opinion
Matías N. Zanatta Scattolini
Analytics Engineer
Antonella Prinzi red arrow up
Finding beauty behind every single bit of data
Antonella Prinzi
Visual Designer & Data Visualization Specialist
Salvador Ribolzi red arrow up
Engineering to transform complexity into clarity and raw data into actionable insights
Salvador Ribolzi
Data Engineer
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We love numbers


Years of experience

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Qualified experts

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Satisfied clients

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Platforms/ Languages

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And we feel your love
"Salvador is one of the most talented, intelligent, pleasant people I've had the chance to work with. His knowledge of cutting-edge business intelligence platforms, technologies and processes is outstanding. There was never a task or idea I ran by Salvador that he couldn't solve, and he was incredibly thorough and trusted in his approach. I am looking forward to working again with Salvador one day."

"Martin was instrumental in setting up our new data warehouse, using Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, and other tools to inject, transform, query, and report. The clear communication, helpfulness, and expertise were perfect, and we worked together for many months."

"Victoria and her team were instrumental in setting up our data warehouse from scratch, including the architecture, the security and roles, and the dbt system to transform raw data into clean analytical resources. We worked together for over a year to build, maintain, and extend this system and it still serves us!"

"The call with Victoria was extremely productive. We got a lot done and more and she was able to answer all my questions. I would work with Victoria again!"

"Leandro is Very knowledgable and professional in everything he does. Works very quickly and effectively!"

"Awesome attention to detail with a very collaborative approach. A great partnership relationship, very dependable, and outstanding follow through.."

"Amazing professional who solved a really annoying problem of my business. The job couldn't be done better."

"Amazing Job! Very thorough, great communication. They caught items I didn't notice and were very accurate with explanations of their work."

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Choose your
Dynamic Plan

Data support

  • 2 assigned data specialists
    40 hours per month
    (2 dedicated h/day over 20 workdays)
  • Project Manager
  • QA control

Dynamic team

Access to a full team of experts.
Team composition evolves according to your needs.
  • Full Data Team* with dynamic hour assignment
    80 hours per month
    (4 dedicated h/day over 20 workdays)
  • Project Manager
  • QA control
  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer included

Full-time data service

Full-team at full-time
Ideal for staff augmentation needs
  • Full Data Team* with dynamic hour assignment
    160 hours per month
    (8 dedicated h/day over 20 workdays)
  • Project Manager
  • QA control
  • Documentation and Knowledge Transfer included
  • Training on best practices and new technologies

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