Case Study 2

Get ready to play in the big leagues

by upgrading your data processing architecture

Are you satisfied with the way the data is stored? How scalable is your data model? How do you visualize the information? Can you display the results in near real-time?

These are some of the objectives Zenus had before getting in touch with us.

Why Dynamic Data?

Multidisciplinary team that came together to offer a comprehensive service

A rare combination of
technical abilities and
interpersonal skills

Fully customized service,
adaptable to the
client's needs


Panos Moutafis

Co-founder & CEO at zenus

“Three things made the Dynamic Data team stand out from other options:

  • They have an intimate knowledge of Google Cloud services. There were concepts and implementation details that only they were familiar with.

  • Their ability to break down the project and implement it on time was extremely important in helping us meet our goals.

  • The entire team has an incredible attitude that fits into our culture perfectly. Eager to learn, take ownership, continually learn, and push the boundaries."

About Zenus


Industry: Internet of Things

Products: Ethical Facial Analysis

and AI Solutions


Zenus drives the ethical use of facial analysis and artificial intelligence. Their solution captures impressions, demographics, dwell times, and sentiment in any physical space.

Their award-winning technologies have been used hundreds of times in 20+ countries. The platform implements privacy by design to protect people's data and offer peace of mind.

The process

The goal

prepare their product for exponential growth.

Zenus came to us wanting to set up a data infrastructure that would allow them to scale and fully automate data processing, visualization, and testing.

“We wanted to implement a new architecture leveraging the Google Cloud infrastructure. Our goal was to complete the migration as quickly as possible without any hiccups”.

Panos Moutafis

Co-founder & CEO at zenus

The stack

The company had a prototype of a Looker Studio dashboard that would be embedded into a client-facing application. Data at that point had been manually processed and stored. Once we understood the data available and their processing needs, we helped Zenus to stand up a Data Warehouse on Google Cloud, prepare the corresponding data structures, and create a fully automated data transformation and testing pipeline using DBT. Once the data pipeline was ready, the next step was to transform the static Looker Studio dashboard into a live and real-time view of the data for each Zenus client.

Collaboration was critical to the success of this project. We worked closely with Zenus' engineering team during the whole process, as there were mutual dependencies and design decisions that needed to be taken as a group.

“Initially, we thought of using the Dynamic Data team in an advisory capacity - the goal was for them to help our existing engineering team complete the work while avoiding known pitfalls. However, their knowledge and expertise surpassed our expectations, and we ended up making some of their staff members an integral part of our team”.

Panos Moutafis

Co-founder & CEO at zenus

The results

Zenus clients can access real-time insights captured on key points of interest.

Efficient and scalable data infrastructure to support the company's growth.

Data processing, version control, and automated testing to detect potential problems before they are exposed to end users.

New innovative services are being added, using the same infrastructure to support them.


Panos Moutafis

Co-founder & CEO at zenus

“Working with the Dynamic Data team has helped accelerate our product development and go-to-market strategy. We could not be more grateful for coming across their team”.